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National Events Calendar 2019 & 2020

These national events usually occur annually. 

See FCA state websites for additional events where any FCA member is welcome.

Dates are subject to change prior to an event being open for registrations. 

Australian National Events 2019


March 2019

  • Friday 15th             Ferrari Club VIP Cocktail Party in F1 Paddock Club, Albert Park, Melbourne     

  • Friday 15th-17th    International Suite at Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, Albert Park, Melbourne 

April 2019

  • Sunday 7th             Ferrari VIC State Concorso, Eastern Golf Course, Yarra Valley    

  • Saturday 27-4th    Ferrari Tour Targa Tasmania, Tasmania (Ferrari Australasia)

August 2019

  • Friday 30-1st          Ferrari Tour Targa Great Barrier Reef, Queensland (Ferrari Australasia) 

September 2019

  • Sunday 15th           Ferrari QLD            State Concorso, Gold Coast 

  • Sunday 22nd          Ferrari NSW/ACT  State Concorso, Ferrari Service Centre, Roseville 

  • Sunday 29th           Ferrari SA              State Concorso, Adelaide 

October 2019

  • Sunday 20-23rd     Ferrari National Rally: Concorso/Track Day/Drives/Lunches/Dinners, Canberra   

  • Thurs 24-25th        Ferrari National Rally Extension drive, Alpine Region       

November 2019

  • Friday 8-10th          Ferrari Tour Targa High Country, Victoria  (Ferrari Australasia) 

  • Saturday 9th           Ferrari Passion Day at Ferrari dealerships around Australia (Dealer)

-- 2020 --

March 2020

  • Friday 13th           Ferrari Club VIP AGP Cocktail Party, Melbourne   

  • Friday 13-15th     FCA International Suite tickets at Formula 1 AGP, Albert Park, Melbourne  Info & Booking

October 2020


  • Sunday 18-25th   Ferrari National Rally 2020 Sydney    Request Info

  • Sunday 18th         Ferrari National Rally - Registration and Evening Welcome Party                        

  • Monday 19th        Ferrari National Rally - Concorso & AGM.   

  • Tuesday 20th       Ferrari National Rally - Track & Skid Pan, SMSP.  Theme night.      

  • Wednesday 21st Ferrari National Rally - Drive Day    

  • Thursday 22nd    Ferrari National Rally - Sydney Harbour Luncheon Cruise. Awards Dinner.    

  • Friday 23-25th    Ferrari National Rally - Drive Extension, Hunter Valley 

November 2020


  • Saturday (TBA)     Ferrari Passion Day at Ferrari dealerships around Australia (Dealer)

Interstate and Overseas Events 

See FCA State websites for additional events where any FCA member is welcome.

FCA members are also welcome at Ferrari Club events internationally. 

Contact Grahame Reinthal (see below) and/or the relevant Ferrari Owner Club here

Formula 1® World Championship Grand Prix Calendar 2019 here


Grahame Reinthal


Ferrari Club Australia


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