Ferrari Concorso 

Ferrari Club Australia hosts a one day Concorso as part of the annual Ferrari Club National Rally, which is held in a different state each year.

Prior to this, each state hosts a Ferrari Concorso annually too.


The events include many Ferraris on display, and some of these entered for judging.

Old or new, regardless of condition, all Ferraris are welcome. Spectators can visit at no cost.

It's a great way to see a wide variety of Ferraris, chat with owners, and meet people.  

About the Ferrari Concorso

This Ferrari Club Australia event is modelled after the exclusive concorso (or after the French word “concours”) events in Europe and the USA. Every year the Ferrari Club Australia holds a concorso event in each state, as well as the National concorso held at the annual Ferrari National Rally.

The Concorso event features original and genuine Ferraris from all eras being judged to international rules, standards and guidelines. The concorso features many impressive and interesting Ferraris and is held at great locations around Australia, creating a warm and friendly family event.


The concorso is a highly competitive event for some Ferrari owners, where their vehicles are judged to international standards and only the best vehicles receive awards. Winning either a silver, gold or platinum award or the highly coveted “Best in Show” has become a goal of some owners, who heavily invest their time and money into making their car as original and immaculate as possible. 

Internationally recognised judging rules

The Ferrari Club Australia recently adopted the international concorso judging rules. These originally came about when Ed Gilbertson, the Chief Judge Emeritus for the Ferrari Club of America, along with other judges set up a committee within the Ferrari Club called the “International Advisory Council for the Preservation of Ferrari Automobile (“IAC-PFA”), a body dedicated purely for the preservation of Ferraris.

The goal is simple: to ensure that Ferraris are preserved to original and authentic condition. A Ferrari should be restored to the same condition, or as close as possible to when it originally left the Ferrari factory. The judging procedures used for Ferraris have now been adopted for use in all judging at Pebble Beach and other major international concorso events for all marques around the world. 

Judging rules guidelines

The Ferrari Club Australia judging standards are aligned with international Ferrari judging rules. The international judging standards use the strictest guidelines in the world of classic car judging. Judges assess each automobile in its current state for originality, authenticity, elegance and character. Over 20 different aspects of the vehicle are carefully inspected and evaluated, from the bodywork and interior to the engine compartment and exhaust. Nothing is left unchecked.

Every participating car starts off with a perfect score of 100 points. Points and fractions of points are deducted by the judges for conditions that are not met. The judges do not touch the car during the examination. The owner or driver is asked to demonstrate whatever actions are needed to make a full inspection possible.


The lAC-PFA rules continue to evolve from the initial list of decisions from 1st January 2015, which show the history of decisions made regarding judging Ferraris, and the deductions allowed or items accepted by judges in the various classes. These decisions set the standard in future years for other judges to adhere to.


In implementing the lAC-PFA judging standards the Ferrari Club is aware of the need to identify and train a pool of qualified judges in Australia. Local judges are selected for their thorough knowledge of the Ferraris being judged and for their overall knowledge and experience of Ferraris in general. Judges demonstrate a passion for the preservation of the Ferrari brand and have no conflicts of interest or agenda. Only the car is being judged, not who owns it, who has restored it or the cost of any restoration.


Under the lAC-PFA rules the chief judge is responsible for making all final decisions with regards to concorso judging. He assists the other judges to ensure the consistency of judging is maintained. It is now possible to judge and compare Ferraris, both restored and original. Judging cars from different eras, built for different purposes and presented in different conditions of usage, from totally restored to totally  original is an expert task.

A platinum car judged in Australia is now recognised  as a platinum car overseas, raising standards and ensuring that time and money restoring your Ferrari is well spent. It is very important to note that classic cars are saved from unnecessary restoration work, as they are only original once!

Club members and collectors learn from this judging experience by our experts to show them how to improve their cars, raise the level of quality and attention to detail. The club encourages members to drive and use their Ferraris as they were intended. 

Download the Concorso Judging Procedures here



Frank Cavasinni

National Chief Judge

Ferrari Club Australia



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