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Ferrari Club Australia (FCA) Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct (Code) is supplemental to and needs to be read in conjunction with the “Rules of Ferrari Club Australia Inc.” (otherwise known as the Constitution) and the agreement between Ferrari Club Australia Inc. and Ferrari SpA (Agreement).


Where any ambiguity or conflict in interpretation arises with these documents, the Constitution and the Agreement will prevail over the Code.

1. Objectives

This Code provides a framework for the standards of behaviour with which all Members of the Ferrari Club of Australia community, including Committee Members, delegates and officials appointed to act in their place, volunteers and all club members generally are asked to comply.

2. Principles for all Members

This Code of Conduct contains guidelines and expectations concerning behaviour and conduct of all FCA members and other people who may be delegated to officially represent FCA at any time or in any place including, without limitation:

  • At FCA-held events such as social or general club events and while travelling to or from those events;

  • At all motoring events whether representing FCA or not and while travelling to or from those events;

  • Within various communication media including on-line communities such as Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, YouTube, on-line blogs, on-line chat groups and the like, noting that ...

    • whilst we respect the rights of all Members to use blogs and other social media tools, 

    • it is also important that all Members keep aware of the implications of engaging in forms of social media and on-line conversations that reference the Club or its Members or Ferrari, especially given the permanence of on-line postings;

  • At all other times when you are representing the FCA, whether as an individual member or in an officially-appointed capacity.

Australian etiquette

  • Extend to any person with whom they have contact the socially accepted Australian code of etiquette and conduct.

  • Adhere to all legal, road and social rules.

Respect individuals

  • Strive to be a positive role model for other Members and any other person with whom they have contact.

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person with whom they have contact and refrain from any discriminatory practices based on age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin or ability.

  • Refrain from any form of verbal, physical or emotional abuse toward other Members or any other person with whom they have contact.

  • Maintain a balanced viewpoint on all situations.

Personal responsibility

  • Accept responsibility for their actions and display high standards in language, attitude, conduct and presentation.

Favourable representation of the Club

  • Represent the Club with a favourable reflection at all times and consider all actions to ensure no detriment to the Club or its reputation.

Respect the Club

  • Operate within the Rules and spirit of the Club.

  • Respect the individuals administering the Rules.

Work within the Club system

  • Maintain a balanced viewpoint on all situations.

  • Do not undertake any activity in the name of the Club, including drives and social events, without  consideration and approval from the relevant state committee or the National Committee.

  • Do not act in any manner that may reasonably be expected to have adverse implications for the Club or the Ferrari brand.

3. Additional Principles for Committee Members

It is essential that the behaviour of all committee members or delegates and officials appointed to act in their place or volunteers acting on behalf of FCA committees is honest, ethical, impartial, equitable and transparent at all times and importantly, that it is also seen to be so. You must also follow the following principles.


  • Do not place yourself under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might influence you in the performance of your duties.

  • Report any suspicion of corrupt conduct relating to Club activities.

Objectivity & Selflessness

  • Make choices on merit when making decisions or recommendations.

  • Make decisions solely in terms of the best interests of the Club. Do not make decisions in order to gain financial or other material benefits for yourself, your family or your friends.

  • Conduct your role objectively and impartially, using your best efforts to ensure equity and fairness to all Club Members, participants, and other stakeholders who may be affected by decisions of the Committee.

  • The interests of all parties with whom the Committee interacts must be dealt with impartially and free of intrusion of self‐interest or outside influences.


  • Be accountable for your decisions and actions to the Committee and Club membership and submit yourself to whatever scrutiny is appropriate to your role.


Openness, Honesty and Conflicts of Interest

  • Be as open as possible about all the decisions and actions that you take.

  • Give reasons for your decisions and restrict information only when the wider public interest clearly demands it.

  • Declare any private interests for you or any member of your family or household, any close  acquaintance, or any individual or entity with whom you have a significant personal or financial relationship that may be perceived as conflicts of interest.

  • For your own protection, if in doubt about whether there is a conflict of interest, err on the side of caution and declare it.

  • If a declared conflict of interest is relevant to a specific decision-making process of an FCA committee,  the office-bearers will take appropriate steps to exclude the person with the conflict of interest from that specific decision-making process.


  •  All Committee Members are reminded of their obligations under various Privacy Acts.

  •  In the course of your duties, you will have access to confidential information:

    • You must not make improper use of information you receive in confidence and, except in order to meet the obligation to act in a transparent manner or as required by law, you must not disclose that information without the informed consent of the person who provided it.

    • You must not use confidential information for personal gain or to promote your private interests or those of connected persons, firms, business or other organizations.

    • You must not use, or allow someone else to use, confidential information to obtain an advantage, whether direct or indirect, for you or any other person or body.

    • You must not disclose confidential information to any person or agency or the media unless it is part of your duties or specifically authorised.

    • You must maintain the confidentiality of matters discussed at Committee meetings and of information acquired by virtue of your position as a Committee member.

    • Information provided to you ‘in confidence’ must not be disclosed to or discussed with anyone outside the Committee.

  • When you resign or leave the Committee or the Club, you must return any confidential documentation in your possession; and your duty of confidentiality continues indefinitely and is not extinguished when your membership of the FCA ceases.


  • Promote and support the above principles through leadership and by example.



  • Be independent in judgment and actions and take all reasonable steps to be satisfied as to the soundness of decisions taken by the Committee.

  • Use your particular skills and experience to the best advantage of the Club.

Keep informed


  • Make sure you are fully informed of the activities and affairs of the Club including statutory and regulatory requirements and the physical, political and social environment in which its activities are conducted.

Constructive contribution

  • Be positive and constructive in the discussion and resolution of dissent between members, and publicly support decisions taken by the majority, even if you disagree with them.

  • Conscientiously attend as many committee meetings as possible and actively participate in the committee process.

  • Be seen to actively support the Club’s activities by actively promoting and attending these activities.


Support and loyalty

  • Support the intentions and activities of the Club and be loyal to the organisation and to your fellow Committee members, delegates and volunteers.

  • Do not seek to influence the activities of the Club except through Committee deliberations.


Limits of Authority

  •  Do not speak publicly or to representatives of the media unless authorised to do so.

  •  Do not represent the Club in any capacity in dealings with outside parties unless authorised to do so.

  •  Do not claim the authority of the Club in your private dealings.

  •  Report any suspicion of corrupt conduct relating to Club activities.


4. Enforcement

All Club members are reminded that when participating in any of the Club’s activities they are representing the FCA and Ferrari more generally.

Behaviour that breeches this Code may result in disciplinary action taken against individuals or the Club as a whole.

Compliance with this Code is a condition of appointment to any office within the Club.

Any breach of this Code could result in a review of the Member’s FCA membership, withdrawal of which could result after consultation with and consensus by the National Committee in accordance with the Club’s Constitution.

V3.1 – Updated 29th September 2016

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