Web and Social Media Policy


  1. Web based platforms and social media are important to FCA operation to provide automation, self-help, information and effective communication with members and help promote and maintain a positive image of FCA


  2. Platforms include, but are not limited to, any external public facing internet site at an FCA National or State level:
       a.   Websites
       b.   TryBooking or similar online booking and/or payment systems
       c.   Flickr or similar photo hosting systems
       d.   Instagram
       e.   Facebook  (not currently used at National level, only at state level)
       f.    Twitter      (not currently used)
       g.   YouTube    (not currently used)
       h.   Google+    (not currently used)
       i.    LinkedIn    (not currently used)
       j.    DNS records for domain names for websites, MX records for email, etc
       k.   Email account maintenance for creating and maintaining FCA email addresses

  3. Material            includes images, text, logos, files, software, algorithms and other content on the Platform.

  4. Supervisor       is a person on the FCA National Committee.

  5. Administrator is a person on the FCA National Committee or an FCA State Committee.

  6. IT Assistant     is anyone appointed by FCA National President by formal letter of offer and signed acceptance.


  7. Supervisor is responsible for a specific Platform and will provide login details to FCA National President.

  8. Supervisor to appoint an Administrator who can also operate the Platform.

  9. Supervisor may delegate all or some operation of Platform to Administrator and/or IT Assistant.

  10. FCA National President must have login details for all FCA National and State Platforms.

  11. FCA State President must have login details for all FCA State Platforms and provide to FCA National President.

  12. PresidentSupervisor, Administrator or IT Assistant will make immediate changes to Material if an issue arises.

  13. Platform Guidelines for use of Material:
       a.   Must not harm, damage, offend or be disrespectful of FCA, or any individual, in any way. 
       b.   Adhere to all FCA policies including 
    FCA Code of Conduct and FCA Privacy Policy.
       c.   Avoid cars that are not Ferraris, most especially new cars.
       d.   Avoid incidents, infringements, accidents, bad driving, or damaged Ferraris.
       e.   Avoid independent (non-Ferrari) sales and services centres.
       f.    Avoid causing concern to Ferrari Australasia or Ferrari authorised dealers. 
       g.   Avoid spoilers on upcoming new models if not officially announced or spoilers for events.
       h.   Use common sense, ethics, and good judgement, and help mentor others accordingly.  

    Version 14-Nov-2018

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